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[Monthly Music Mashup] May & June 2016

“Haughty Girl (새삼스럽게 왜)” AKMU (Akdong Musician) // This might be the duo’s last release… but it’s great as usual. As far as I’m concerned, this is the group with the most potential at YG, but time will tell.

“Wavy” Ty Dolla $ign ft. Joe Moses // Ty Dolla $ign does what he’s known for on this track, and I like it, damn it.

“Crush” I.O.I // This song is infinitely better, in my opinion, than their single “Dream Girls“. This one is just fun, peppy and perfect for the summer.

“Find Me (나를 찾아줘)” Jun Hyosung ft. D.Action //

“Doin’ Good” KittiB ft. Verbal Jint//

“Queen” HISTORY // History, History, History… They’re a distractingly good-looking group (see “Might Just Die” at your own peril), but more importantly, I’m not sure they’ve figured out their sound yet. That being said, I enjoyed “Queen” – both the song and the music video.

“SPOTLIGHT” Punch & SILENTO // I am an unabashed Punch fan, so it was a given that I’d at least check out this song. Sadly, Silento kind of ruins it for me. I liked “Watch Me” as much as everybody else, but maybe everything else that’s going on in that song covers up how nasal his voice is. There’s nothing he can do about his voice, but it didn’t fit in well here. The rest of the song is nice and gives me a late 90’s, early 2000’s summer techno track feel, just like I.O.I’s “Crush”.

“Fire” BTS //

“Lil Something” Chen ft. Heize // Y’all should see me singing along to this in my car… pure comedy.

“My House (Japanese version)” 2PM // Really, this just gives me an excuse to listen to “My House” again.

“Drop” Chloe & Halle // I heard this for the first time at Beyoncé’s concert and loved it. Honestly, it’s Queen B approved – what more do you need?

“Okay” Moxie // Okay, so the production quality on this song doesn’t seem too great, but I heard some potential. I have a soft spot for husky-voiced female singers and rappers, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for this group in the future.

“Kwaejina Ching Ching Nane” Jessi, Kim Young Im & Crispi Crunch// I absolutely love when traditional and modern music mix, so I was really excited to hear this collaboration between Jessi (of Lucky J and Unpretty Rapstar fame), Crispi Crunch & Kim Young Im, a traditional singer.

“Road” Sandeul & Cho Seonyong // All I have to say is that Sandeul is one of my favorite singers (and he ain’t too hard on the eyes)

“I’ll Pick” Freelow //

“Far, Far Away” G.Soul // I’m always wary of non-reggae artists using reggae beats in music, because it often comes off as trite. However, G.Soul rides the beat so nicely in “Far, Far Away” that it’s hard for me to dislike. In addition, the sentiment behind the lyrics goes beyond the usual “let’s sip drinks out of a coconut” vibe other songs give off.

“Nineteen” MC Gree // So yeah, this guy’s Kim Gura’s son and Kim Gura is apparently an controversial character (I read a few headlines about him and he’s had a few scandals attached to his name). MC Gree discusses the consequences of being a famous person’s child and having your family’s life in the headlines, but also notes that everyone thinks their situation is worse than anybody else’s and that he knows he’s not the only one with problems. The song ends on a note that is simultaneously hopeful and hopeless… and the music video made me cry. Hard.
“One Minute Back (Live)” SHINee // It’s SHINee. Everything they do is great.

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