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[Review] What’s that Smell?: Finding the Right Deodorant

I have a problem.

Stinky pits? Not quite. My problem is that I’m kind of allergic and/or sensitive to normal (that is, not “all natural”) deodorants and antiperspirants. As a result, I’m always buying a new brand and looking for a different deodorant/antiperspirant to use. When Influenster offered an opportunity to try Dove® Advanced Care Deodorant with NutriumMoisture™, I jumped at the chance.

(And yes, I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.)

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Exploring Natural Products: Malin + Goetz

Somehow, through some tragic turn of events, I’ve found myself without body lotion. As a person with relatively dry skin who needs to keep ashiness at bay, this has forced me to use every possible lotion I could find in the house. I usually stick to Jergens or St. Ives because they work the best, but there just isn’t any around. Bath and Body Works “smell-goods” aren’t going to cut it. This actually has very little to do with the point of this post.

DeNada review

A few weeks ago, DeNada offered to send me a piece to review. As an admirer of the brand for a few years now, I jumped at the chance.
I got the Slouch Rectangular hat in Lime, which thankfully, is not a neon color. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just wanted something darker.) It’s actually the color of a lime, a nice medium green. The hat itself is made of soft, cozy polyamide yarn, and most importantly, it didn’t squeeze my head and give me a headache.

Lydell review

Last month, jewelry company Lydell NYC sent me some pieces to review. I mentioned that on Instagram a little while ago, but I’m finally getting to it now — sorry for the delay!

I had asked for some different pieces, but the ones I wanted weren’t in stock at the warehouse. The representative I spoke to sent me some other pieces instead: the Pave Link necklace and bracelet.

Product reviews, yaaay

So I have a few beauty products that I tried recently and I want to review for you all.

First up are some products from Simple. You’ve probably heard of them, as they launched a few months ago in the U.S. If I remember correctly, it’s a U.K. brand that focuses on gentle products for sensitive skin.

I got the cleansing facial wipes and replenishing moisturizer from Klout. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, but I do have very acne-prone skin, and I have been getting rashes and hives lately from allergies.