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I was recently contacted by designer Virginia Blanca Arrisueño about her line, De*Nada.
Virginia got her BFA at the University of Maryland (Go Terps!), and she’s received many awards for her talent and skill, both creative and technical, including the Sadat Art for Peace Award — delivered to her by Nelson Mandela!

Another photo from my travels…


You see this (colorless) stained glass window on the way to the Sistine Chapel. The tour guide takes you up a bunch of stairs and through many walkways, and you abruptly end up right in the middle of the Sistine Chapel. On the way, though, there are many beautiful pieces of art, including this window.

It’s the bitch of living…

I’m going to see Spring Awakening today, and I am so excited. I can’t wait!

I don’t know what to wear though. It’s a hot day out (high of 89°), but it’ll probably be cold in the theater. Decisions, decisions. I wish I could take pictures during the play, so I could show you what I’ll get to see, but it’s a totally reasonable rule.

Film Noir

I just finished watching this movie, Le Samouraï.

I put it on my Netflix queue because I was trying to find this movie I had watched as a child and loved. Alain Delon in a trench coat looked really familiar, so I picked a movie he was in, pretty much at random — that turned out to be Le Samouraï. The best part about this? I picked the right movie! I’m obsessed with this film and will definitely be buying it ASAP.

Art as Inspiration, part 4: Klimt Revisited

I used to really hate Klimt, but after spending a few days in a room with a giant reproduction of Klimt’s “The Kiss“, his style really grew on me. I kind of wish he was still alive and designing clothing. Since he isn’t, we have to rely on interpretations by designers like Galliano. Here are a few examples of the master’s work – Klimt, not Galliano. That comes later.

Be forewarned – there will be boobies.


Judith II (Salomé)
Judith II (Salomé)