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Fashion Icons Part 2: Diana Rikasari

At long last, it’s time for the second installment of my fashion icons series! My fashion icons are definitely not the typical ones we always hear about in magazines. So last year, I set about figuring out who does inspire me. My first fashion icon was Harold Lloyd, a silent film actor.

My second icon is Diana Rikasari, an Indonesian blogger and shoe designer.

I have followed her blog for years; in fact, I think she started blogging before I did! She started out as “just” a blogger, but now she has her own shoe company, Up!

Fashion Icons Part 1: Harold Lloyd

Have you ever gotten the sometimes dreaded question, “Who are your role models?” I always hated that question, because, oddly enough, I don’t have any. I’ve never been the type to put people on pedestals, but I do admire a lot of people — yet I may not model my life by these people.

Recently, on one late night, I started thinking about who inspires me in the realm of fashion. I, like a lot of fashion bloggers/fans/fanatics, spend a good amount of time on the internet looking at how people dress. I think about why that look works for them, why so many people have the same ideas – both good and bad, if a look or an item would look good on me, what I could wear it with, etc.

This time, however, I found myself looking at people with completely original style. And with that, I introduce a short series on my fashion icons.

First up is Harold Lloyd. I came across this (mostly) silent movie actor by watching TCM at about 1am on a random Sunday.