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Category: Pre-Fall

[Pre-Fall 2015] MSGM, Paul & Joe, and Peter Jensen

Welcome to part 1,843 of 1,820,394,839,084 of Pre-Fall 2015 coverage on Frock Yeah. Only a few more to go!

Spongebob Squarepants "One Eternity Later" card

This time, we have Paul & Joe, Peter Jensen, and MSGM. While Paul & Joe and Peter Jensen had awesome, quirky showings that are more my style, I was really taken by MSGM this season. I actually had a hard time choosing which looks to leave out!

[Pre-Fall 2015] Alexander Wang, Dsquared2 & more

Okey dokey, everyone! Are we ready for the latest installment of “Moni’s Time Management Skills Are Trash“? I’m kidding – life happens, blog posts come out late… I apologize, and I am working to make sure I blog more consistently.

Let’s get back into Pre-Fall 2015 with two Alexanders (Lewis and Wang), Dsquared2 and Diesel Black Gold!