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Category: TV & Movies

[What I’m Watching] August 2015

My, my – it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these. It just be like that sometimes, so without further ado, here’s what I’ve seen lately:

The Astronaut Wives Club


I love anything to do with space, and that includes TV shows as well. The Astronaut Wives Club, based on a best-seller with the same title, mixes that with an early 60’s aesthetic (The clothes! The cars! The houses! The sexism and racism!).

[What I’m Watching] Millennium Actress

A few months ago, I thought I would tackle some movies from a list of 100 best animated films I found online. Little did I know that a good amount of these acclaimed films would be impossible to find. That kinda put a damper on the whole adventure, to be honest.

However, I was able to find Millennium Actress. It’s a 2001 anime by Satoshi Kon* and it’s about an actress that’s at the center of a documentary. Seems straightforward, but reality and fantasy blend together a lot and if you’re not paying close attention, you’ll probably be confused. (I damn sure was.)

Eastwick cancelled :(

ABC always cancels the shows I love: Traveller, Lipstick Jungle, The Unusuals… and now, Eastwick. Well, it was good while it lasted. 🙁